TXT’s Yeonjun Shares His Honest Opinion On Being A Fourth-Generation Boy Group

He hopes boy groups will receive more recognition.

Recently, TXT’s Yeonjun appeared on GOT7 BamBam’s YouTube series, Bam’s House, and became the first male fourth-generation idol junior to appear on the show!

TXT’s Yeonjun and GOT7’s BamBam | Bam’s House/YouTube

During the show, they chatted about the different topics of being an idol, including the responsibility of being the oldest member, how it feels to be a fourth-generation idol group, and more!

GOT7’s BamBam | Bam’s House/YouTube

I’ve always wanted to see a fourth-generation idol. Fourth-generation idols are doing really well these days. Honestly, I feel relieved. Maybe it’s not my place to say this, but we used to have seniors. But there was quite a long vacancy between the second and third generations. But the third and fourth generations almost came out in a row. K-Pop is becoming very popular.

— GOT7’s BamBam

GOT7’s BamBam | Bam’s House/YouTube

To be honest, I think the fourth-generation is a little difficult. What I think is…I feel that a male idol seems to be getting less attention. So I feel a bit sad. So I want the male idols to come out more and become famous.

— TXT’s Yeonjun

BamBam agreed to Yeonjun’s response and stated, “‘I’ve felt it since the old days. So we were really hungry for people’s attention.”

TXT’s Yeonjun | Bam’s House/YouTube

Most of the music charts are girl groups. Of course, it’s because of the good music. But I think male idols have a lot of good songs too. There’s something I feel a bit sad about it.

— TXT’s Yeonjun

Bambam emphasized just how hard boy groups work and wished everyone would give them a chance as well.

Boy groups, we really work…we really work hard. We also want attention from the public…we believe that’s very important. Please give us a lot of attention.

— GOT7’s BamBam

Netizens shared their opinions on the perception of boy groups to the public.

Netizen comments | @happy.happy1004/Instagram
Netizen comments | @happy.happy1004/Instagram
  • “I didn’t want those words to come out of Yeonjun’s mouth…there are a lot of good boy group songs, and they are all really talented too…I hope that a time comes when boy groups receive more recognition from the public.”
  • “Maybe it’s because both girls and boys like girl groups but mostly girls like boy groups?”
  • “I like boy groups more…that’s just my preference.”
  • “Boy group songs are really hard.”
  • “I think it’s because most of their songs are loud, and they go on many overseas tours. But Yeonjun must be sad since TXT’s songs are all good.”

Watch the full episode below!