TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals His Members Sweet And Funny Reactions To His Studio Choom “Artist Of The Month” Performance

They couldn’t resist teasing him!

The whole world became obsessed with TXT‘s Yeonjun‘s Studio Choom “Artist of the Month” performance but what did his members think? In a recent live broadcast, Yeonjun revealed the feedback his members gave him and it’s all so sweet.

Before he shared his member’s reactions, Yeonjun opened up on how hard it was to get the dance to the place he wanted it to be. Luckily he was able to master it in time! In the end, Yeonjun shared he was satisfied with the results!

After he read the comment, “I’m curious about the members’ reactions to ‘Studio Choom, Yeonjun revealed he sent them his video in a group chat with everyone and asked for feedback. Yeonjun stated that Taehyun messaged back first and said, “It looks really cool. Great job.”

Yeonjun also shared Taehyun commented, “Eat a lot and do it stronger” and it made him laugh at the time. As for Hueningkai, he praised Yeonjun and stated “You worked really hard” and also made the funny comment, “I can see my dancing style there.” Yeonjun couldn’t contain his laughter after reading Hueningkai’s response.

As for Soobin, Yeonjun revealed that he said, “It looks cool. You filled the entire 3 minutes.” Of course, just as Hueningkai, Soobin added a fun tease and told Yeonjun, “It’s a bit disturbing. But it’s still sexy.

After he laughed from re-reading the group chat, Yeonjun stated, “So, everyone said something very nice and made jokes at the end.

While the majority of the members responded in the group chat, Yeonjun explained that Beomgyu was busy that day and texted him separately, “It looks cool” and “You looked really cool.

Source: Naver TV