TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals How Santa Claus Was Ruined For Him Forever

His childhood memory wasn’t a good one.

In TXT‘s recent live broadcast to celebrate the Christmas season, they shared their special memories about the holiday. When it was Yeonjun‘s turn to share, his memory wasn’t quite as cheerful. It was about the time Santa Claus’s existence had been ruined for him as a very young child.


He remembered how his kindergarten would celebrate by having someone play the part of Santa, giving out presents and letting them sit on their lap. Naturally, this brought all of them happiness.

When I was in kindergarten, someone would dress up as Santa, put the kids on his lap, and hand out gifts. So, everyone was happy.

Yeonjun experienced that happiness until he’d returned from using the bathroom. That’s when he accidentally ran into Santa. Since he wasn’t entertaining children at the time, he wasn’t quite the same Santa they’d seen.

I came back from the toilet, and I ran into Santa.

Instead of seeing him with the big, white beard, he saw Santa ripping off his beard, completely ruining the facade. As a child, Yeonjun had been shocked.

[He] walked out of the headmaster’s office, ripping off his beard. That was quite shocking for me.

As if the ripping of the beard hadn’t been shocking enough, the stark black of the man’s beard made it that much more clear it was all make-believe. Even Hueningkai and Soobin were shocked just listening to it.

And to make things worse, I could see his black beard underneath the fake beard.

Still being a child and wanting to believe, he went outside to check for reindeer. Instead, all he’d seen was a big van, making him realize it had all been a lie.

I went outside to make sure. As you can imagine, there was no Rudolph. There was a big van. That’s when I realized [I’d been] fooled.

Childhood memories stick with people for a long time, especially shocking ones. Seeing something he believed in fall apart right in front of his eyes is a memory he’ll never forget. Listen to him talk about it, starting at 24:09.