TXT’s Yeonjun Shares A Heartwarming Memory Of When He Cried During High School

What his friends did for him was so sweet!

During his recent live broadcast, TXT‘s Yeonjun shared a precious high school memory of when he cried because his friends got together to do something special for him.

| @TXT_bighit_jp/Twitter

Yeonjun shared that his high school classmates were very friendly and kind, and “were all close to each other.” But he had to transfer his second year of high school, and so his first year friends decided to get together and get him a cake.


He reveals that it was especially touching because they had printed out 30 large photos that were taken during their previous school trip, and had all written letters to him on the back of the photos. He decided to read the letters during class, and that was when he started crying.

It’s clear how much Yeonjun treasures that memory, and he shared that if he could, he would like to go back to those times.

So if somebody asks me ‘Do you want to go back to school?’ I’d say yes.

— Yeonjun