Here Is A Look At The Hairstyles TXT’s Yeonjun and SHINee’s Taemin Personally Picked, And Why Their Hairstylists Liked Them So Much

These idols stood out from the crowd!

When it comes to K-Pop idols, there is no denying that their hairstyles go through so many changes during their career.

In a recent video for the YouTube channel AYO, two hairstylists from add’B sat down and discussed hair extensions, idols’ hairstyles, and much more. The two stylists spoke about two male idols who had their hearts set on a particular style that eventually grew on them both.

The first idol they looked at was TXT Yeonjun‘s hair in the teaser for their 2020 track “Blue Hour.”

Yeonjun had bright pink hair and even added extensions in the teaser, which only enhanced the image during the video. Yet, it gained mixed feelings from netizens due to its unusual and quite outgoing nature.

Director Areumdara explained that her fellow stylist in the video, director Kang Jeong Mo, was in charge of creating the look for the teaser.

Yet, it was actually Yeonjun who gained inspiration and chose this particular hairstyle for himself. Although this seems to be rare, it shows the knowledge and passion he has to go out and try to find ways to improve the video.

There was a fan art picture where he had a pink ponytail, and Yeonjun said, ‘I like it, and I want to try it.’

— Kang Jeon Mo

Despite their initial reservations, Kang Jeong Mo revealed that he was actually quite surprised with the result of the style after it was completed.

I was surprised when I finished it. It looked shockingly good on him. Male idols have short hair, so they have limited options for their styling.

— Kang Jeong Mo

The second idol they spoke about was SHINee‘s Taemin, and a fan explained that they weren’t a fan of his hairstyle for “Advice.” but it slowly grew on them, and now they couldn’t imagine him with any other style.

Once again, Areumdara revealed that he actually picked the style, and she was actually really excited to see how it would turn out in the end because she thought, “This is going to look so good on him.

After seeing the finished result in the music video, she added that she couldn’t hide her pride at what it looked like.

I saw the pictorial and the MV, and I was really proud because he looked gorgeous.

— Areumdara

Kang Jeong Mo also added that, in a way, it broke down stereotypes that many people sometimes have when it comes to men having long hair.

I think people have a stereotype that a man with long hair would look feminine. But I think he looks sexier as it looks more neutral. I don’t think anybody can pull it off. Taemin is the best.

— Kang Jeong Mo

It shows that, despite the restrictions from K-Pop companies, idols can have their own input into the styling for comebacks. Although both Yeonjun and Taemin’s styles received mixed reviews, they suited them and definitely stood out.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: AYO