TXT’s Yeonjun Once Surprised Soobin With A Kiss—And His Reaction Was Priceless

Must see 😂

TXT‘s Yeonjun took his love for Soobin to the next level!

TXT’s Yeonjun.
TXT’s Soobin.

In a past video, Soobin was sitting leisurely on a sofa while Yeonjun danced around him.

Out of nowhere, Yeonjun wrapped his arms around Soobin’s neck…

…and surprised him with a kiss on the cheek!

A shocked Soobin immediately sat up with a his eyes wide open as Yeonjun happily skipped out of the room.

Far from being disgusted, Soobin welcomed the friendly kiss, even patting his cheek with the palm of his hand. It’s almost as if he wanted it to absorb into his skin so that it would stay with him forever!

This isn’t the first time Yeonjun and Soobin proudly expressed their love for each other through physical touch. In fact, skinship is a regular thing for them.

These BFFs really know how to spoil fans!

Source: Yeonbinlab