TXT’s Yeonjun Handled A Stage Mishap Perfectly—Until A Funny Twist

He handled it perfectly, but his hat had a mind of its own.

TXT‘s Yeonjun is such a talented dancer that he can handle any mishap smoothly. He did the same during an awards show performance that ended with an unexpectedly funny twist.


When the members performed “Blue Hour” for the Seoul Music Awards, Yeonjun encountered a problem after adding a jacket to his stage outfit for the signature dance break. Though Yeonjun aimed for his shoulders, the hood on the jacket reached so high that it covered his hat.

In the next moment where Yeonjun was supposed to lift his hat, he was a complete professional by still doing the move to blend in with the rest of the members. The hat was still ready for its time to shine, though.

At the end of the performance, when Yeonjun spun around and flipped off his jacket, his hat slipped right out of the bottom. The sight of the hat flying off into the distance had fans laughing at how carefree it looked.

Not only can Yeonjun be praised for his professionalism, but everyone can also receive some lightheartedness from the hat’s shenanigans.

Watch the moment that eagle-eyed MOAs spotted here.