TXT’s Yeonjun And Taehyun Know All About What’s Said About Them Online

They’re on the lookout—particularly for what fans are saying.

In a world dominated by social media, it’s hard not to stay connected and up to date with the latest news. Even though groups like TXT are busy balancing their all-consuming idol lives with their free-time, it turns out they’re just as in the know as everyone else.

| @TXT_bighit_jp/Twitter

During an interview with Dispatch, Taehyun and Yeonjun revealed they indeed read what’s posted about themselves online.

The outlet asked the members, “How many times do you search up your name per day?” At first, Yeonjun didn’t know if he wanted to lay his response all out on the table, “Can I be honest?

When it comes to looking up his own name on search engines, Yeonjun is a little more than earnest about it. He didn’t keep track of it only once or twice a day. Yeonjun searches multiple times a day, “I think I search it up at least three times.” Taehyun was the complete opposite.

While Yeonjun looks up his name numerous times a day, Taehyun didn’t bother going through the hassle of it every day. Fitting his unbothered personality perfectly, he can go a while without searching, “There are some days when I don’t search it up at all.” There was an exception, though.

If the group participated in major projects like a music video or performance, Taehyun goes full throttle. He’ll search his name the entire day to check out the comments and feedback that’s being posted, “But if we did an award ceremony performance or our music video came out, I search it up the whole day as soon as they come out.

If you’ve ever wondered whether TXT is paying attention to what fans post about them, outside of Weverse, they’re most likely taking a look. They have an idea of what’s being said about them online.

See Yeonjun and Taehyun spill the tea about how often they search their names online and check out what’s being said about them.