TXT’s Yeonjun Talks About How Kind BTS’s V Has Been To Him

Yeonjun was touched by it.

In TXT‘s recent live broadcast of arts and crafts, members of BTS made a brief appearance. Afterwards, it made Beomgyu and Yeonjun think about how much closer they’ve become to their seniors.

Yeonjun shared a memorable moment he had with V one morning when they’d coincidentally met. Since TXT had work early that day, Yeonjun was sitting by himself to have breakfast.

V suddenly came and said that he hadn’t eaten yet either. He sat with Yeonjun as they ate together and started a conversation.

Although V had said that BTS were too busy to work much with them at the time, Yeonjun was merely grateful for having someone to keep him company.

I was really grateful.

Since BTS didn’t have a senior group at the company when they were formed, they make sure to be that for TXT. Listen to Yeonjun’s memory of V’s kindness, starting at 27:37.