TXT’s Yeonjun’s Theory About Rudolph’s Nose Had Soobin Throwing Hands

He tried to stop Yeonjun from ruining childhoods.

While TXT were decorating Christmas trees and sharing childhood memories, the topic of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer came up.


Since his nose is always lit up, Soobin figured that he recharges it by changing the battery.

When the nose needs to be charged, you change the battery.

Yeonjun didn’t like that theory and decided that Santa had instead hit Rudolph’s nose.

Maybe Santa hit the nose. Rudolph’s nose [wasn’t] round at first.

Soobin didn’t like Yeonjun’s theory at all and slapped him on the shoulder to show it.

Why do you say that?

Yeonjun wouldn’t let it go, stating that the nose had only taken its round shape because it was swollen from Santa’s bad temper.

Maybe it was not [a] round nose at first, but it is swollen because Santa hit it.

By this time, Soobin was over Yeonjun, simply telling him not to ruin people’s childhoods by making Santa into a bad person.

Don’t make Santa Claus a bad person.

Yeonjun may be the oldest; Soobin is the leader for a reason. See Soobin try to reign in Yeonjun from making Santa into a demon, starting from 11:51.