TXT Yeonjun’s Honest Thoughts On HYBE And Working With Bang Si Hyuk

He shared his experiences from being signed to the company.

Since TXT‘s Yeonjun was a guest for Bam’s House, GOT7‘s BamBam couldn’t resist asking a few questions about one of the biggest entertainment companies in K-Pop, HYBE. He asked Yeonjun for his honest thoughts on being signed to the label and his experiences working with its founder Bang Si Hyuk.


After the two agreed it was “the best company” to those who weren’t even signed to the label, Yeonjun revealed the best part about being with the agency.

Because the company has many resources, HYBE has access to a wide variety of talented producers and songwriters. Yeonjun appreciated being able to utilize that for TXT’s music releases.

The best thing is when we release an album, the quality of songs is so high. I feel so grateful having a chance to sing songs like that. I feel like I’m really lucky.

— Yeonjun

Although Yeonjun gave so much credit to the well-produced songs, BamBam reminded him that the members’ talents also played a major part. BamBam then asked about the founder Bang Si Hyuk.

While people in leadership positions can be intimidating, that wasn’t the case for Bang Si Hyuk. Yeonjun shared how easy it was to work with him. He always felt heard whenever they communicated.

He’s very good. And he’s a really open person. And [he] listens to us really well.

— Yeonjun

Yeonjun proved that being signed to HYBE is just as good as it seems.