TXT’s Yeonjun Is A True Gentleman For The Respect He Showed ITZY

Yeonjun didn’t have to think twice about it.

As rookies, TXT and ITZY attended their first-ever Golden Disk Awards. Although it wasn’t their first awards show, at least one cute mishap was bound to happen between them.


Just by following his natural tendencies to solve it, Yeonjun showed how much of a gentleman he is.

When the winners for “Best New Artist” were announced, both groups made their way to the stage to collect their trophies. TXT led the way with leader Soobin bowing and accepting theirs. ITZY were following close behind.

Leader Yeji was at the front, stopping to give TXT space as they finished up. Soobin noticed and motioned for all his members to stand aside. When Yeonjun turned around to follow his lead, he noticed that something was blocking ITZY’s path.

Beomgyu had been standing slightly apart from TXT, directly in ITZY’s way. Yeonjun acted quickly, reaching out to pull Beomgyu out of the way. Yeji and Lia then walked forward to accept their award as well.

Fans are praising Yeonjun as a gentleman for the fast way he cleared a path for ITZY. They’re even laughing at the facial expression he had while doing it, looking as if he was tired from having to collect his younger brother.

Watch Yeonjun show respect for their fellow idols ITZY while also showing how a true gentleman should act.