TXT Yeonjun’s True Personality—According To His Friend PENTAGON’s Shinwon

He talked about how much Yeonjun changed since their trainee days.

During his time training at Cube Entertainment, TXT‘s Yeonjun made friends with the members of PENTAGON, including Shinwon. Seeing Yeonjun after his debut, Shinwon talked about how much he’s changed and what’s stayed the same.

Shinwon | @ebsfmnight/Instagram

Towards the end of Shinwon’s live broadcast, a fan asked about Yeonjun being one of his friends. Shinwon shared when their friendship began, “We met when we were young.

Looking back on their trainee days together, Shinwon remembered Yeonjun being a “nice boy.” That wasn’t the only thing that stuck out about his junior.

Shinwon said Yeonjun was “really kind and innocent” back then. He even noticed how much Yeonjun had grown up since then.

Though Yeonjun was a cute and cuddly teen when Shinwon first met him, he admitted that Yeonjun now gives off a more mature vibe.

He grew up very well. He’s taller as well. He looks cool.

— Shinwon

Still, Yeonjun’s kind nature has remained the same over the years. Shinwon was excited to see him succeed and said, “He’s the same as before. I felt proud of him.

No matter how much time passes, Shinwon and Yeonjun always make sure to catch up with each other and keep supporting one another as they grow.

Yeonjun | @TXT_members/Twitter
Source: Naver Live