TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals His True Feelings About Negative Comments Toward Him

“There was someone who called me out for…”

Being an idol comes with several amazing blessings as well as several hardships. When having the public eye on you, it’s easy for people to criticize every little thing you do and it’s obviously tough to not be affected by it; however, TXT‘s Yeonjun recently shared he’s learned to disregard them.

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It was during his recent live broadcast that Yeonjun shared he had read a comment regarding him and food. While the comment was mean and unnecessary, Yeonjun shared that those types of negative comments are not worth caring about.

I’m not going to say who or what kind of person it was but last time, there was someone who called me out for eating ramen and ramen porridge. I don’t care about those comments.

— Yeonjun


Yeonjun went on to say that he merely doesn’t understand the need for such negativity so he doesn’t feel the need to give them any attention.

When I see those kinds of hate comments, I just think ‘Why are they leaving these meaningless comments to me’ I don’t pay attention to it much.

— Yeonjun

Yeonjun also acknowledged that not everyone will like him and is 100% okay with that but he still feels the negative comments should stop.

It’s not possible for everyone to like me, it’s possible! but, it’d be nice if negative comments stopped as a thought, you don’t have to like me, it’s okay!

— Yeonjun

In the end, Yeonjun stated that he feels he has been eating well and will carry on eating what and how he pleases.

I’ve been eating really well! I don’t care about the negative comments.

— Yeonjun

Source: Naver TV and @translatingtxt/Twitter