TXT’s Yeonjun and TWICE’s Mina, Sana, And Jihyo Gush About Recent Horror Drama Favorites

Everyone is loving horror and thrillers these days!

Recently, TXT‘s Yeonjun and TWICE members Mina, Sana, and Jinhyo have been talking to fans on WeVerse and Bubble about the dramas they have been watching (and basically all of them are horror).

Yeonjun had fans laughing on WeVerse as he freaked out about the recent drama Sweet Home when a fan asked if he had seen it. He spammed fans’ notifications and even got so excited that he accidentally spoiled a major element of the show.

| @4thgenitboy/Twitter

Yeonjun said that he watched the entire show just 2 days after it was released. He then realized that the show was rated R/18+ and panicked, telling young MOA’s to leave that comment section and to “make sure [they] watch it only when [they] are adults”. He then started to explain to younger fans that there was a lot of red water, ketchup, and tomato juice (blood) in the show that they shouldn’t see.

He then spoiled a major point in the show and panicked again, telling MOAs sorry over and over and decided to leave before it got worse. Fans were amused by his excitement and panic.

The girls of TWICE also discussed their love of Sweet Home as well as Alice in Borderland (Japanese), The Call (movie), Extracurricular, and Hear Me (Taiwanese movie).

Mina mentioned that it was difficult for her to sleep and that she “can’t watch horror” but she watches a lot of “thriller, crime, and action movies”. Sana told ONCEs to not watch these alone and that it’s better with a friend.

Fans had similar hilarious reactions.

Have you seen any of these recent dramas yet?