TXT’s Yeonjun Is The Next Idol To Make “Wednesday” Actress Emma Myers A Successful Fangirl

He had a request for her 😆

On Netflix‘s newest hit series Wednesday, actress Emma Myers plays the beloved character Enid Sinclair. Viewers discovered she was a K-Pop fan through her Instagram account, which soon put her on the radar of her favorite group, SEVENTEEN. During a live broadcast, Hoshi admitted that he’d heard of Emma and thanked her for being a fan.

Emma Myers with Hoshi’s Horanghae plushy. | @ememyers/Instagram

Hoshi wasn’t the only idol who took notice of Emma, either. THE BOYZ‘s Kevin was shocked when he found out she was a fan of his group and wanted to become her fan too, after watching the show. Now Emma has become a successful fangirl for the third time.

If Enid has a fandom, I’m part of it. I really liked her character. She doesn’t have to be a Deobi. I will be her fan.

— Kevin

THE BOYZ’s Kevin | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

During TXT‘s live broadcast with Soobin and Yeonjun, fans told them that Emma follows the group on Instagram.

Making them both laugh, Yeonjun kindly asked Emma to follow his personal Instagram page as well.

For three idols to notice Emma, she’s definitely living the life of a successful fangirl.

| @ememyers/Instagram

See Yeonjun make sure all TXT fans, including Emma, don’t miss out on his personal Instagram page.


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