TXT’s Yeonjun Planned Out Each Member’s Role In A Zombie Apocalypse

Beomgyu had to practice his fighting skills.

As one of the TXT members who’s “watched a lot of zombie films,” Yeonjun was the perfect one to reveal how each member would handle a zombie apocalypse and why Soobin would be the only survivor.

Yeonjun explained why Soobin would survive until the very end, “He seems like he’d be the weakest.” The other members had roles that suited them as well.

Though Hueningkai is the cute maknae (youngest member), Yeonjun knew that side of him would be the perfect cover-up. Yeonjun said he’d be “the main villain.

Ready for anything, Yeonjun gave Beomgyu the title of “the good fighter.

Since there can’t be strength without knowledge, Yeonjun named Taehyun “the brain” of the operation. Yeonjun also confirmed Hueningkai’s thoughts of him being the leader in the scenario, which would lead to him dying along with everyone else.

Yeonjun then came up with a “whole Netflix series” like All of Us Are Dead that perfectly explained how each member wouldn’t survive a real zombie apocalypse.

As Yeonjun leads them, Beomgyu would disappear, making Taehyun and Yeonjun team up together as leaders. Yeonjun would then die trying to buy everyone time, followed by Hueningkai running off and meeting his end. After Taehyun used his brain to come up with a plan to sacrifice himself, Soobin would be the only one left alive.

Yeonjun had every detail and role planned so well TXT was ready to tune in to watch the show themselves. Watch Yeonjun’s whole timeline for how each member wouldn’t survive a zombie apocalypse except for Soobin.