TXT’s Beomgyu Cutely Tried & Failed To Copy Yeonjun’s Scorpion Dance

It was still a cute attempt.

At a fansign event, TXT‘s Yeonjun laid on the floor to do aegyo. And when he got up from the floor, he did the scorpion dance to return to his upright position.

The scorpion dance was a move popularized by INFINITE during their “Before The Dawn” promotions, and it requires lifting one leg up like a scorpion’s tail to return to a standing position.

So, it made sense that Yeonjun did the move from the position he was in.

When it was Beomgyu‘s turn, he thought he’d try the move too. But, it didn’t turn out the same and he eventually had to use both his legs to stand.

Beomgyu trying to copy his hyung is adorable, especially since he couldn’t complete the move.