TXT’s Beomgyu Didn’t Let A Sprained Ankle Stop Him From Performing For Fans

Their cheers kept him going.

TXT‘s Beomgyu had a minor incident when he tripped on stage during their Atlanta tour stop, so he took time afterward to rest and recover on One Dream.TXT.

But, the next tour stop was coming up soon. And, he wanted to do his best for fans even if he was in pain. So, he continued on with rehearsals like usual.

During practice, there was a part during “Crown” where Beomgyu and Yeonjun carried Soobin on their backs. Doing the move had caused so much pain to Beomgyu that he began to tear up but instead insisted he was fine.

So, Yeonjun told Soobin to put all the weight on him instead, even though he wasn’t feeling well either. And, all their hard work paid off because the performance went smoothly for everyone. It went so well that Beomgyu didn’t feel any pain due to fans’ support.

Artists work hard behind the scenes, and it’s not always shown how much effort they put in. But, Beomgyu’s love for fans shined. Watch it here.