TXT’s Beomgyu Is Following In BTS’s RM’s Footsteps With His Production Skills

He’s only a ’01 liner and has worked on how many songs?

Although TXT recently debuted, Beomgyu has a lot of music experience under his belt. And, that experience is similar to that of BTS‘s RM.

It was discovered from a fansign event that Beomgyu has worked on at least ten songs. That’s a lot of time and effort spent on perfecting his craft, and he’s even working on more.

Born in 2001, Beomgyu has barely reached his 20’s. And, he’s accomplished more than the average teen his age and fans are extremely impressed.

Before debut and afterward, RM worked on countless songs not only for BTS but also for other former Big Hit Entertainment artists like HOMME and GLAM. It’s no surprise that his list of production credit is endless.

It appears that Beomgyu is following in RM’s footsteps and will become a major contributor in TXT’s future releases, gaining his own production credit. At least, once he’s honed his skills.

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