TXT’s Beomgyu Got Turned Around, But Jungkook Hyung Was There To Guide Him

Jungkook to the rescue.

In a clip shared from the MAMA‘s, TXT‘s Beomgyu was on his way to return to his group members when he couldn’t find where they were sitting. Fortunately, BTS‘s Jungkook was there to lead him on the right path.

When Beomgyu first walked up the steps, he stopped, not knowing where to go. He then walked forward before stopping in front of BTS, scratching his head as he looked around for his group.

Jungkook saw how lost Beomgyu looked and stepped in. He directed him in the right direction by pointing a finger toward them. That’s when everything came into focus for Beomgyu.

Beomgyu followed Jungkook’s direction, cutely scurrying to his members and retaking his seat among them.

Even when TXT don’t expect it, “Jungkook hyung” will always be there to help them out.

Watch Jungkook guide Beomgyu to the rest of his members here.