TXT’s Beomgyu Has This Habit When He’s Excited And It’s Relatable AF

He’s called the energizer of the group for a reason.

TXT are in their first year of debut, and the oldest member is barely an adult according to Korean age. So, they’re still very young.

But, Beomgyu has a habit that everyone can relate to no matter how old they are.

Whenever he’s excited, whether it be on stage or off, he does this same thing every time regardless of who is watching him.

His excitement reaches such high levels that he has to burn off the energy by jumping up and down. Fans have even gathered a compilation of the moments, and you can see his pure joy.

And it’s something everyone has done, especially if they’ve received news that was too good not to celebrate. Beomgyu has been calling himself the energizer of the group, and now everyone knows why.