TXT’s Beomgyu Reuniting With His Biggest Inspiration BTS’s V Is The Sweetest Thing

They must have a close relationship.

During BTS‘s encore stage, as V enjoyed their “Boy With Luv” win, he made his way over to TXT‘s Beomgyu.


Beomgyu had previously revealed that he’d gained the most inspiration from V because of the advice he’d received as a trainee. So, the interaction was to be expected.

V wrapped his arm around Beomgyu, like he’d seen an old friend, and even said something that made him laugh.

Then, he passed Beomgyu his microphone and continued to hug him like the close friends they appeared to be. They were so comfortable with each other that it was special to watch.

The friendship of Beomgyu and V must be a close one, and it was sweet to finally witness Beomgyu meeting with his biggest inspiration.

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