TXT’s Beomgyu Shares How Getting Casted Works And How He Handled It

There were so many offers that he had a specific way to deal with them.

During a live broadcast featuring TXT‘s Taehyun and Soobin, Beomgyu inserted himself even though he didn’t appear on camera.


And, he joined their discussion of how they joined Big Hit Entertainment.

Since Soobin had never been casted before and he’d already heard Taehyun’s experience, he asked Beomgyu. Beomgyu instantly answered that he had. In fact, they’d been lined up in cars to cast him when he’d cross the street, which was actually how he joined.

But, he’d received so many offers that when they asked for his name, he gave fakes ones to keep them from hassling him. He even named some of the ones he used like Han Beomgyu, Gyu Beomgyu, Shin Beomgyu, and Lee Beomgyu.

He and Taehyun agreed that big entertainment companies give offers rather than business cards. But, the recruiters from those companies wanted Beomgyu bad enough after he turned them down that they resulted to offering him business cards.

All of their experiences of becoming a part of the Big Hit Entertainment family may not have been the same, but they ultimately ended up where they were supposed to be. Listen to Beomgyu discuss it at 22:26.