TXT’s Beomgyu Used This Clever Reason To Become Class President

“Isn’t this corruption?”

After a fan asked about it during a live broadcast, TXT‘s Beomgyu shared how he won class president in elementary school. But, Soobin just couldn’t believe it.


He asked how it was possible. So, Beomgyu gave a simple answer by saying it was due to the power of chocolate milk.

Soobin immediately caught on and asked if he changed the regular milk to chocolate milk. That wasn’t quite how it worked out. Beomgyu said that was what he’d told them.

He’d tried to change it, but he couldn’t manage to do it. Soobin asked if he was still able to become president, and Beomgyu nodded that he did. So, Soobin was quick to say, “Isn’t this corruption?”

Beomgyu explained that he did his best, but he just couldn’t fulfill what he’d promised. He said that an elementary student doesn’t have any power, and Soobin completely agreed with this.

Although Beomgyu couldn’t come through, he knew exactly how to win them over. Watch Soobin poke fun at Beomgyu at 15:18.