TXT’s Beomgyu And Yeonjun Playfully Imitated Their Leader’s Crying And It Was Spot On

Soobin had a good laugh too.

TXT spoke about their debut celebration show, and there was one particular moment that was memorable for Beomgyu.

Their leader Soobin had cried and Beomgyu demonstrated exactly how it had been done. Beomgyu held his hands by his sides, sucked in air, and pretended to sob with his whole body.

Yeonjun joined in, wrapping an arm around Beomgyu’s shoulders. He pretended to sob as well, but he held up an arm as if he was wiping tears away.

Beomgyu took it further by turning his back and moving his shoulders up and down, which made everyone burst into laughter. Soobin playfully hit him because he’d imitated him so well.

Even Soobin had to laugh, even if it may have been just a bit exaggerated.