TXT’s First TikTok Is Making Fans Emotional With How Young They Looked

They were so small and cute.

On April 8, TXT uploaded their first TikTok to Instagram. Fans noticed how different the members looked and it made them emotional.


The members appeared smaller and both Beomgyu and Yeonjun had darker hair. Combined with how cute the video was, they looked like adorable children.

Because of the location where the video was filmed and how young they looked, fans guessed that they’d been in the United States specifically for training just like their sunbaes BTS had been during their early years. And, that made the clip an even more emotional moment to witness.

The clip was also able to bring back fun memories for fans. One fan in particular shared an old unreleased TikTok clip of the members that they hadn’t forgotten about. But, they had been reminded with the release of an official TikTok clip.

Whether TXT share more old gems or create new clips, fans are eager for more.