TXT’s Huening Kai Dressed As A Vampire Is Too Hot To Handle

“Just take my blood”.

Although Halloween has already come and gone, fans still can’t get over how hot TXT‘s Huening Kai looks like dressed as a vampire.

With porcelain skin, dark makeup, and red contact lenses, he looked every bit the vampire of your dreams. Some fans think his mixed blood is the main reason why he pulled it off so well.

I don’t know if it’s because Kai is mixed but he really looks like a vampire.
Just take my blood.

– Korean Netizens

Many fans still can’t get over how good looking he is, even at a young age.

Crazy…He totally looks like a foreign actor. He’s freaking handsome and he still has a baby face, so he has that boyish look to him. Once he becomes an adult and his frame gets bigger, he will become even more daebak.

– Korean Netizen

Meanwhile, TXT recently released their 1st full length album “The Dream Chapter: MAGIC”.

Source: Nate