TXT’s Hueningkai Called Himself Handsome And Soobin Shut Him Down Immediately

His savage side accidentally jumped out.

During a special interview with MTV News, TXT was asked to share something they admired about whoever was standing to their left.


Soobin had to compliment Hueningkai, but he found it difficult and said, “Wow. It’s too hard.” Everyone was surprised and asked, “Why?”

Soobin pressed on though and began to answer the question, “Hueningkai is…” But, Hueningkai finished the sentence with, “Handsome. I know.”

Then, savage Soobin quickly responded, “No. No. No. Please,” and Hueningkai couldn’t help but smile. Soobin did go on to answer the question with how cute he thought Hueningkai was and how he looked like a baby.

Taehyun was quick to point out how short the response had been by asking, “That’s it?” Soobin answered that it was and even Hueningkai had to say, “Really?”

Soobin’s responses were definitely entertaining, even to TXT. Check out the hilariously savage interaction here.