TXT’s Hueningkai Has An Inspirational Message For Anyone Feeling Out Of Place

The first step is accepting yourself.

TXT had an interview with Refinery29 where they discussed the pressure to succeed, sharpening their skills, and taking their first music show win shortly after debut.

Most importantly, they talked about how “Crown” is about embracing what makes you different. And, Hueningkai had some very important words for anyone that wasn’t feeling confident in themselves.

Like the meaning of their title track, he confirmed that there’s nothing wrong with being different. It’s simply about accepting yourself and reaching your full potential.

Just do your best and be confident, don’t stop dreaming, and show the world what you’ve got.

TXT may be young, but they’ve already experienced what some have only dreamed of. And, they’re more than happy to help others, even if it’s as simple as encouraging them to find their own happiness.

Source: Refinery29