TXT’s Hueningkai Shows Off His Cheerleading Moves, And They’re Actually Real

Soobin was all too ready to see it.

TXT were surprised with a BBQ party to celebrate completing their mission of finding each other on One Dream.TXT, so the older members focused on preparing the food.


Since Hueningkai had nothing to do, he managed to spill orange juice everywhere. That’s when Beomgyu suggested Hueningkai should just cheer for them.

Hueningkai used to be a cheerleader, so he jumped right into the cheer without missing a beat. At first, Soobin was the only one who was watching him and was so entertained that he couldn’t look away.

Even though he had an audience of one, Hueningkai gave the cheer everything he had, remembering all of his dance moves. And, the editing made the scene even funnier than it already was.

His hard work was noticed by another member as well because Taehyun said, “He knows what he’s doing,” which made him and Soobin laugh harder than before.

Not only did the maknae brighten their moods, but he showed a little of his past self. See Hueningkai show off his cheerleading skills here.