TXT’s Hueningkai & Soobin Couldn’t Pass On The Chance To Speak Informally To Yeonjun

These kids found a smart way to mess with him.

During an event, TXT read the questions and requests of fans out loud. And, two of them got the bright idea to take advantage of what they were doing.

Hueningkai read a fan’s note addressed to Yeonjun. Since Yeonjun is older then him, he commonly refers to him as hyung.

But, the fan had written his name informally as “Yeonjun-ah.” And, Hueningkai took advantage of the chance to speak informally and repeated his name as it was written.

Soobin immediately caught onto what Hueningkai was doing and followed his lead.

Even though Soobin is the leader of TXT, Yeonjun is still older than him, and he refers to him as hyung just like Hueningkai. So, he also took advantage of the rare chance to speak informally, even repeating “Yeonjun-ah” a few times.

From the numerous times Hueningkai and Soobin informally called Yeonjun’s name, they were definitely enjoying their witty idea.

Technically, Hueningkai and Soobin were only reading the fans’ notes. So, maybe he could appreciate their witty way of messing with him.