TXT’s Humble Response To Selling Out Their Showcase Will Make Anyone Stan

They’re not only monster rookies but humble rookies.

TXT was asked about their thoughts on selling out their U.S. showcase STAR in US during an interview with iHeartRadio. What they shared showed just how humble they were despite debuting under Big Hit Entertainment.

The first words out of Yeonjun‘s mouth were, “We’re very thankful to our fans.”

Before he could finish his statement, Taehyun and Hueningkai were quick to say, “Thank you.”

Soobin followed with a gesture of determination while Beomgyu and Hueningkai showed finger hearts of appreciation.

Then, Yeonjun finished with letting fans know they’ll do their best in working harder to fulfill their expectations and meeting them.

TXT are indeed thankful for all the opportunities they’ve received from their hard work shortly after debut, and that’s something all fans can appreciate. Check out their responses here for the full effect.