TXT’s Secret To Their Teamwork Is Something So Simple It’s Genius

And, they do it every single day.

TXT are still in their first year of debut, and they’re learning new things every day. But, they’re more than prepared to push forward because they’ve established solid teamwork and followed the advice of their seniors BTS.

And, they may have revealed the secret to it during an interview with Metro UK. They were asked what they do after practice. Hueningkai answered that they order food and eat together.

Most importantly, Taehyun made sure to explain that it was something they do “always together.” Eating with others is a simple but often over-looked way to bond with others, and they make sure to use that time wisely.

When asked if they had a hard time choosing what to eat, Yeonjun simply said they don’t fight and Beomgyu confirmed it by saying, “Never.” And, it’s because they’ve learned each other’s personalities and tastes so well that they know how to keep peace among them.

And, it’s a skill that has made their teamwork even stronger because they know everyone’s concerns and how to deal with one another to keep their synergy positive. After all, “A family who eats together, stays together.”

Source: Metro UK