TXT’s Soobin Was Asked To Choose His Favorite BTS Song, He Recommended This One To Fans

He had a very good reason too.

TXT‘s Soobin held a special ASMR live broadcast as he chatted with fans. Since he enjoys BTS‘s music like the rest of TXT, one of them asked what his favorite song by their seniors was.


After a few moments to think it through, Soobin picked “Whalien 52” as his favorite out of all their songs.

He explained that the lyrics and theme of the song were its highlights and had to take another moment to explain that it was one of a kind.

Afterward, he suggested it to fans and said they would be impressed with its lyrics. It’s a song he’s liked for a while, and he knew fans would enjoy it as well.

In “Whalien 52”, BTS places themselves in the shoes of the world’s loneliest whale, whose frequency is so high that no one else can hear it.

The story it tells is both heartbreaking and relatable, and Soobin chose it for this reason. Listen to him talk about it at 42:33.