TXT’s Soobin & BTOB’s Minhyuk Look So Much Alike They May Just Be The Same Person

They do look pretty similar.

With numerous idols in the K-Pop industry, there are times when one can easily be mistaken for another because of their similar facial features, and that’s the case with TXT‘s Soobin and BTOB‘s Minhyuk.


Minhyuk and Soobin strike the same pose, and they both have a similar feel. Although their eyes, noses, and lips aren’t exactly the same, they’re close enough that there’s a resemblance.

With just a toothy smile, the eye smiles and laugh lines make them look identical.

A fan even joked that Minhyuk was the grown up version of Soobin because they looked so much alike.

Minhyuk and Soobin have similar features, and from the right angles they look like the exact same person. If one had to fill in for the other, it just may be possible.