TXT’s Soobin Is BTS’s Jin’s Biggest Fanboy, And He Couldn’t Hide It Even When Jin Said This

He hung onto his every word.

During an episode of TXT‘s reality show One Dream.TXT, they met up with their sunbaes BTS to discuss performing overseas.

So, leader Soobin asked what was different about America so that they’d be prepared.

BTS handed the question off to Jin. As an artist with years of experience travelling the world, his answer was that they couldn’t speak Korean to communicate there. BTS was disappointed with his answer, but TXT cheered enthusiastically in support of their sunbae.

And, Soobin was the most expressive. He covered his mouth upon hearing Jin’s words, and then clapped as if he’d never heard anything as amazing in his life. Then, he continued smiling, waiting to hear more of his sunbae‘s wise words.

Jin’s statement was a simple one many people would’ve known without having to actually travel there, but hearing it from him made it all the more special for Soobin. See him fanboy here.