TXT’s Soobin And BTS’s Jungkook Can’t Decide On Being Rabbits, And It’s Driving Everyone Crazy

Their identity crisis is amusing fans.

TXT‘s Soobin and BTS‘s Jungkook have something in common: their fans believe they look like rabbits. So, it’s not unusual for fans to use it as a term of endearment.


But, they don’t always agree with it. When a fan asked Soobin if he was a rabbit on Weverse, and he stated that he was simply a person.

When asked the same question minutes later, he responded completely different. He said, “Of course.” And, Jungkook is the same way.

In one video clip, Jungkook confidently states that he’s a rabbit and even repeats the phrase to get his point across. But, that changes in a different clip.

Unlike the first clip, Jungkook clearly states that he’s not a rabbit. Just like Soobin, he states that he’s a person instead.

Soobin and Jungkook just can’t seem to choose whether or not they want to be rabbits or people, and fans can’t help but notice their moral dilemma.

Despite their identity crisis, ARMYs and MOAs are standing by their beliefs that they’re rabbits.

Will Jungkook and Soobin finally choose? Well, it looks like everyone will have to wait and see.