TXT’s Soobin Catches Attention For His Tiny Waist

Soobin has now entered the tiny waist club.

In a recent T:TIME clip, TXT strutted their own runway before heading up on stage for the Tokyo Girls Collection.


That’s when fans spotted something that took Soobin‘s visuals to another level.

Although Soobin gave his best model walk and poses, it was his tiny waist that stole the spotlight.

Image credit: @choisoobinpics

It was so tiny that his pants even appeared loose in the waist area like it could’ve been taken in just a bit more.

Image credit: @choisoobinpics

With Soobin’s tall height and tiny waist, no wonder he’s far from lacking in the visuals department.

Image credit: @choisoobinpics

All Soobin and his tiny waist have to do now is model for real. Just imagine him on the runway at Seoul Fashion Week.