TXT’s Soobin Chose His Favorite Sport, And The Answer Will Make You Wonder How He Has Abs

Fans are trying to piece it together.

A fan asked TXT‘s Soobin a question on Weverse that had everyone questioning how he manages to stay in shape.

The fan asked, “Soobin oppa, do you have a favorite sport?” and added, “I support you, TXT is awesome everyday.”

txt soobin 1

So, Soobin gave an answer that no one saw coming. He said, “Breathingโ€ฆ I hate moving.”ย Because of this and the fact that he loves eating bread, fans wondered how he could possibly have abs.

txt soobin 2

But, it seems like TXT’s choreography practice is enough to keep him in tip-top shape.

txt soobin

. . .