TXT’s Soobin Was Mentioned On SBS’s “Light up your daily life” And The MC Couldn’t Stop Gushing Over His Visuals

Her reaction is too relatable!

TXT‘s Soobin was recently mentioned on SBS‘s Light Up Your Daily Life and the MC’s reactions to his visuals are totally relatable!

Light Up Your Daily Life is a program that covers a wide variety of areas such as lifestyle, interior design, beauty, health, and more!

In one of their more recent episodes of the show, Soobin came up when the show’s MC, Kim Hyung Young, visited a place that is a popular location for filming!

I heard a rumor that this place is popular for commercials and magazines.

— Kim Hyung Young

As an example of just how popular the site is, the MC pulled up a photo of Soobin from his “Mood Diary” video! She then asked, “Who is this handsome male actor?

Before the owner of the house, Kim Hyo Min, answered the MC’s question, the other cast members of the show who were watching couldn’t help but compliment Soobin’s handsome visuals, “He’s so handsome.

The MC was so excited and amazed that Soobin had been in the home before that she jokingly asked, “Is he not in this house?” The owner of the place clarified that the handsome man in the photo is not an actor but one of the great members of TXT!

He’s not somebody who lives here but he’s a member of TXT, a very popular idol group!

— Kim Hyo Min

The MC then figured out where in the home that Soobin filmed. Once she discovered the area, the MC adorably recreated a shot from TXT’s video.

Check out the video below: