TXT’s Soobin Finally Met BTS’s Jin And A Bowing Battle Began

It was one after the other.

BTS has been promoting “Boy With Luv” and TXT have just begun promotions for “Cat & Dog”. So, it would make sense that both Big Hit Entertainment groups would run into each other.

During BTS’s encore stage, TXT stayed to support them. Afterward, they greeted each other and something funny took place.

Soobin bowed to his sunbae Jin, and Jin bowed back. But, it didn’t end there. Soobin and Jin took turns bowing to each other nonstop.

Soobin named Jin as his favorite idol, so it’s expected that he would enthusiastically greet him.

The battle finally ended with Jin waving goodbye and TXT exiting the stage.

To watch the funny yet cute interaction, start at 5:07.