TXT’s Soobin Was More Than Ready To Throw Hands At Hueningkai For His Joke

He had to check if the camera was still filming.

The youngest member of the group tends to be the most playful, and TXT‘s Hueningkai fits that description perfectly.

To show just how playful he is, he had fun with their leader Soobin. Using a banner on his phone, he typed in the words he wanted it to say.

When Hueningkai was done, Soobin wanted to see what he’d written. The maknae wrote that Soobin was a pabo, or fool, and held it up for him to see.

Once Soobin saw it, he gave Hueningkai a look, like a parent ready to reprimand a child, before turning to the camera like a scene in The Office. It seemed like he couldn’t decide between giving Hueningkai a gentle shove or laughing at his boldness.

If the camera hadn’t been there, who knows what hilarious moment would’ve happened because they’re known for being funnier when together.