TXT’s Soobin Reveals Which Senior In Big Hit Entertainment Is His Favorite

He really mouthed his fave’s name!

On February 5, Big Hit Entertainment released a behind the scenes video of the company group photo on their Youtube channel.

During a segment of the video, singer Lee Hyun acted as an MC and asked TXT‘s Soobin and BTS‘s Jimin and Jin several questions.

One question he asked Soobin was who his favorite senior was.

Who is the sunbae you like the most?

– Lee Hyun

Soobin cheekily mouthed that Jin is his favorite.

Jin sunbaenim.

– Soobin

The others couldn’t believe how honest he was.

He really said it.

– Lee Hyun

…but he adamantly denied the accusations and insisted that he had said everyone was his favorite.

I said ‘everyone’!

– Soobin

Meanwhile, all Jin could do was sit quietly in his seat and smile.

Watch the entire video below!