TXT’s Soobin Says Where His Bread Obsession Came From, And It’s All Thanks To One Member

Who would’ve thought this is how it happened?

TXT‘s Soobin revealed where his obsession for bread came from on the recent episode of One Dream.TXT, and it all had to do with one particular member.


Originally, he hadn’t been a fan of bread or sweets until he became a trainee and started living in the dorm.

That’s when Hueningkai got him hooked. When he’d return from school, he would always have sweets and bread with him.

So, of course Soobin would help him eat them. And, it was all because of him that Soobin’s obsession started.

The following scene even confirmed it with Hueningkai saying he likes sweets just as much as his Soobin, probably referring to the times when they would eat them together.

Of course it would be the maknae who introduced Soobin to the world of bread and sweets. Listen to Soobin happily talk about how it all started here.