TXT’s Soobin Shares The Pressure And Struggle Of Speaking English

He doesn’t want to disappoint anyone.

TXT‘s Soobin showed a side of himself on the most recent episode of One Dream.TXT that wasn’t like his usual happy-go-lucky self.

While preparing for their showcase, they practiced their English lines. As the leader, Soobin excitedly began with, “Hello. We’re Tomorrow X Together.” But, he’d forgotten a line and Taehyun reminded him that, “One dream,” came first.

So, Soobin made the correction and pushed onward. When his turn came again, he forgot to introduce himself, and he was reminded of his mistake again. But, he quickly adapted and continued after correcting himself.

Later on Soobin shared his thoughts about speaking English, saying that there was a lot of pressure to do so. To fulfill expectations, he worked hard by memorizing his lines and practicing because he believes his pronunciation isn’t as great as he’d like it to be.

He also shared why he’s been working so hard despite how difficult it’s been for him. He said, “I’m worried that our international fans won’t be able to understand what I’m saying.” So, he does the best that he can.

Soobin’s words put into perspective how hard idols work not only to be amazing artists but to communicate with others who speak different languages. It’s just as hard for some of them to learn a foreign language as anyone else, but they push through for fans. Listen to his worries here.