TXT’s Soobin Was Spotted Crying While Performing This Song For The First Time On Tour

The leader was so touched.

TXT has been performing all over the United States for their STAR in US showcase tour, and they’ve been making memories with fans along the way.

One of those memories happened while they performed their song “Nap Of A Star” at their first stop in New York.

Fans spotted leader Soobin wiping the tears from his face during the song. He couldn’t hide how meaningful the moment was to him.

He must have been overwhelmed by the support of all the fans that had come to see them so shortly after debut, especially overseas.

But, that didn’t stop him from finishing the song. As the leader, he was able to finish it without missing a beat.

Soobin was thankful to fans and the opportunity to perform, and it showed. There’s still a few tour stops left, and he’ll continue to make meaningful memories.