TXT’s Soobin Believes That Words Of Encouragement Can Help Someone Through A Hard Time

Words are stronger than you think.

TXT’s Soobin received the question of “what was the most memorable thing someone has ever said to you?” and revealed a time when someone’s words helped him go through a tough time.

During his time as a trainee, he received these words of encouragement from Big Hit’s rookie development team, which helped him overcome his struggles and ultimately debut as TXT.

He felt that other trainees would always do well during their monthly tests and that he was always a bit behind. The development team however, believed in Soobin and let him know that he shouldn’t be worried about it.

They let him know that they knew that he was someone that would slowly improve over a long period of time and that they would always be waiting for him.

He explains just how much those words meant to him because at that time he was someone that grew slowly and was unsure of his future.

He noticed that as time went on, others fell into slumps when they didn’t do as well as they hoped, but he continued to strive little by little in his own way. So much so that he ended up debuting at the top of his class.

He didn’t believe in the phrase “Hard work will not betray you” but after that time, he felt that this phrase could be true in certain circumstances.

If it weren’t for those kind words of encouragement, it might have been harder for Soobin to overcome his obstacles. Thankfully he had great people by his side to support him through the tough times. We are always supporting you, Soobin!