TXT’s Taehyun Believes We Need To Be Born With Effort And Not Talent In Order To Succeed

His hard work will be paid off.

TXT, who made their comeback with their newest album The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY on May 18, has topped the iTunes Top Songs Chart with their title track “Can’t You See Me?” Before their comeback, members left diary entries through their Weverse app, letting fans know how they had been feeling about this comeback.

Member Taehyun left a long and genuine letter about his life before comeback as well as his passion to learn more to become a better artist.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a diary entry. I’ve been busy these days. It starts to get busy about three weeks before making a comeback and the most busy one week before, which is right now. We can’t help but to be busy as we are filming a lot of different content for our MOAs. It seems like besides the first week of comeback, starting the second week it doesn’t seem that busy even though we are doing music broadcasts. However, we are really busy right now.

He reveals their repetitive patterns and schedules and admits that although it gets to be hard at times, it is MOAs support that helps him get through it all.

It’s like we had an important schedule yesterday and one today and one tomorrow and we’ve memorized something already but there’s still more to memorize and remember. It’s not easy. It is because of MOAs, as well as dancing and singing that I can get through this hard time with our busy schedules. I asked the company if I could learn how to do popping in order for me to grow as an artist and thankfully they set me up with some of the most well-respected dancers out there. I haven’t started yet but I will start my lessons when I have more time.

Through his hard work and training, Taehyun realizes that it’s better to be born with effort and not talent and he hopes to be living proof of that someday.

I’m still not able to really grasp singing yet. I’m not sure if I am doing well but the last feedback I received from my teacher was ‘You’re skill is getting better so now I want you to try and sing according to the feeling of the song in a more loving way’ (the song I sent was Aroha by Cool). I don’t know if I’m really feeling it now but I know that I will someday reach the spotlight if I stay later to practice and go home later. I am going to prove someday that people need to be born with effort and not with talent. I am not alone like my trainee days now. I have MOAs who support me and so I don’t get that tired. Practicing singing and dancing is fun but I love it the most when I am on stage.

He reveals that he stays up late to see MOAs response to their content that they release and is always grateful for the support from the fans.

I am feeling a bit down these days because we haven’t performed in front of our MOAs in such a long time. I hope that we can meet each other on stage soon so I can hear your voices. I am always up until midnight so that I can see our MOAs enjoy our content that we release. MOAs may be up to watch our content but I stay up so that I can see your responses to our content. So I think I will stay up until midnight today too!

Taehyun’s continuous efforts to become better prove that effort beats talent and shows just how much he works to bring the best for the fans.

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