TXT’s Taehyun And Beomgyu Have Sleeping Habits Their Members Can’t Help But Notice

Beomgyu even showed how they looked.

During an interview with BuzzFeed, TXT were asked if anyone had funny sleeping habits.

Yeonjun put the attention on Beomgyu, who was focused on playing with the puppies. He revealed that Beomgyu talks in his sleep and says things like “Mom” and “Yeonjun hyung.”

It doesn’t end there either. Taehyun revealed more about Beomgyu’s habit: he “sometimes screams.” Taehyun’s wide eyes when he said it made it clear he’d experienced the screaming firsthand.

Beomgyu wasn’t the only one with a funny habit. Yeonjun announced Taehyun’s habit next. He opens his eyes when he’s sleeping.

Since Beomgyu had demonstrated his own habit, he leaned back and slightly opened his eyes to demonstrate Taehyun’s too.

With only two out of the five having strange sleeping habits, that’s not bad at all. Check it out here.